The following will be notified to all participants. The information presented in this white paper does not imply a contractual obligation. Please review the contents of the white paper and prepare for the proposed business contents, risk factors, and uncertainties.

1. This white paper is written for the purpose of explaining the CRACLE project and CRACLE token (hereinafter referred to as CRA), and the project schedule may be modified or changed due to progress and other factors.

2. The version of this white paper was written based on the date indicated on the first page, and the contents of this white paper reflect the contents of the business promotion up to that date, and may be changed at any time even after the date of writing.

3. The version of this white paper may be updated irregularly when the content needs to be revised.

4. This white paper is not written to solicit investors and cannot be interpreted as an investment proposal or investment solicitation.

5. The distribution of CRA is carried out through a separate contract from this white paper, and if the contents of the contract do not match the contents of this white paper, the contents of the contract take precedence.

6. The CRA defined in this white paper cannot be interpreted as a financial instrument such as bonds, stocks, or derivatives, and cannot claim its rights under any circumstances. CRA does not guarantee income or profit such as financial interest under any circumstances.

7. This white paper does not guarantee the integrity of the business promoted by CRA, and it is not responsible for errors, schedule delays, and related matters that may occur during the service provision and development process.

8. The contents of this white paper cannot be interpreted as law, finance, accounting, tax, etc. under any circumstances, and the standards for using the CRA ecosystem are based on the policies and laws of each country and region. Users may require separate advice, and the CRA project team is not responsible for these matters.

9. The creation of the ecosystem may be delayed or other tangible or intangible losses may occur due to unintended reasons such as system attacks from third parties or force majeure such as natural disasters.

10. CRA is not responsible for the risk of loss or leakage of the CRA holder's personal key.

11. It is not free from all risks, including the decline in CRA value, changes in the market environment, uncertainty, policy risks, and the emergence of competitors, which may change the direction and plans of the CRA ecosystem.

12. Words or terms used in this white paper do not have legal effect, and the meaning of the name should not be accepted as definitive.

13. Risks and uncertainties related to all information specified in this white paper and terms and conditions should be carefully considered and evaluated. If these risks and uncertainties develop into actual events, they could have a material and adverse impact on CRA's business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects. In this case, you may lose all or part of the value of your CRA.

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