Direction of Development

<Persistence of CRACLE Token>

As stated earlier, CRACLE's biggest strength as a Total Metaverse Platform is that it can continuously release X2E Contents. Most of the Earning Contents currently being serviced on the market, especially P2E Games, have only one story or game method, so the process is very monotonous and boring. The CRACLE Project allows players to select and earn content according to their lifestyle, so the shortcomings of previous services can be resolved and supplemented with X2E.

The persistence of CRACLE X2E is very important as it is linked to the persistence of CRACLE Token. Even if the worst situation arises in which specific content within the platform itself is destroyed, the player can replace it with $CRA. This is closely related to project reliability.

<Convenience & Wide Compatibility>

Players will be provided with the convenience of swapping $ACT into $ACT <-> $CRA within one wallet. In addition, to provide wide compatibility to CRACLE players, we plan to expand and support the SWAP function to convert to $BNB in the future.

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