CRACLE Introduction : X2E Total Metaverse Platform

CRACLE is an innovative Total Metaverse Platform that combines blockchain and various content services. Also, CRACLE introduced a new concept metaverse called ‘X2E’. X2E is an abbreviation of ‘X to Earn’, where ‘X’ stands for ‘infinite scalability’. This is not only P2E (Play to Earn) and M2E (Move to Earn) games or services familiar to existing users, but also L2E (Listen to Earn), S2E (Sleep to Earn), and T2E (Trade to Earn) categories. It is a more comprehensive and progressive metaverse platform than ever before, infinitely expanded. In addition, the CRACLE Token of the CRACLE project is a coin specialized for WEB 3.0 so that anyone can easily use X2E.

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