X2E Contents

The core of the CRACLE platform is X2E Contents, to which the concept of ‘infinite scalability’ is applied. In other words, X2E Contents not only form the structure of the CRACLE X2E platform, but are also a core component of CRACLE X2E. The CRACLE X2E platform, as the X2E Total Metaverse Platform, is equipped with game and service contents that cross the boundary between reality and metaverse based on blockchain technology.

<X2E Line-up>

  • P2E(Play to Earn)

  • L2E(Listen to Earn)

  • C2E(Create to Earn)

  • S2E(Sleep to Earn)

  • M2E(Move to Earn)

  • W2E(Watch to Earn)

<Infinite Scalability of X2E>

In addition to this, CRACLE's content that can be derived through the combination of various lifestyles and blockchain technology for global metaverse players is infinite. This scalability of CRACLE will have a positive effect on increasing the value of CRACLE in the future.

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