Use of Token

<Contents Utility Token: $ACT>

Players of CRACLE can gain experience or points through certain actions in each game. These are collectively referred to as the $ACT token. ($ACT is a tentative name, and the name or branding of tokens for each content may differ.) Players of the X2E Total Metaverse Platform can exchange $ACT acquired through specific actions and missions for $CRA or other tokens supported by X2E STATION. (‘CRA’ is the Ticker of CRACLE Token).

X2E Players can participate in various activities within the DApp with $ACT itself without a separate exchange.

<Platform Governance Token: $CRA>

Players can be rewarded with $ACT through X2E. $ACT has its value as a currency used in Contents, but X2E Players must exchange $ACT for $CRA to participate in various activities given on the platform. At this time, $CRA naturally serves as an integrated platform token, and X2E Players can visit X2E STATION to exchange $ACT for $CRA. Conversely, $CRA purchased through the exchange can be exchanged for $ACT and the goods can be reused within the content.

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