Project Goals

The Goals of the CRACLE Project are:

a) Building the Metaverse Global World

b) Active Support for Decentralized Service

c) Support for Promising Blockchain Investment

The CRACLE Foundation has a priority goal of building a Total Metaverse Platform through the CRACLE X2E project, but in the long term, it aims to promote the development of the Global Blockchain ecosystem through the CRACLE Project. Additional explanations for each goal are provided below.

a) ‘Building the Metaverse Global World’ contains the ambition of the CRACLE Project to build a global Metaverse world by organically connecting metaverses around the world based on CRACLE X2E.

b) ‘Active Support for Decentralized Service’ aims for CRACLE to develop a decentralized service that can supplement the problems of the existing centralized exchange system, and furthermore, to share and actively support partners with the same goal.

c) In addition, under the goal of 'Support for promising blockchain investment', CRACLE aims to become the center of the global blockchain business as a helper and leader by investing in partners such as blockchain developers who have technology but lack publicity as an investor in the metaverse business.

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